url scraping tool
Over 30 Built In Footprint Patterns
Works On Sockets
No Proxies Required
Multi Core CPU support
64 Bit Architecture
Scrape thousands of domains in minutes !
Why Are So Many SEO's Using
SEO List Builder?
If you work in SEO field, you probably know it's a necessity to have good linklists for your SEO tools to work with. Scraping lists requires tons of proxies which costs you lots of money. SEO List Builder allows you to scrape hundreds of thousands of domains without a single proxy.

Easy To Work With
An intuitive and easy to understand user interface. Link scraping has never been easier !

Highly Customisable
Domains or links scraping can be done by defining patterns of your choice !

Extremely Fast
SEO List Builder works with sockets that's why it makes the software blazing fast !

30+ Pre Built Footprints
The software comes with pre built URL Type/Word Type patterns for the most popular Contextual Engines For Your Favourite SEO Tools !
SEO ListBuilder Has Lots of Powerful Features!
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The software is easy to use yet advanced 64 bit multithreaded webcrawler which collects the links/domains of your choice. All you have to do is to specify the URL-Type patterns corresponding to the type of urls you would like to scrape form the internet and navigation patterns which tell the software where to "go" in order to find more and more links of your choice.
So how easy is that to start scraping your links/domains ?

1. Load initial seed list of urls which are starting point for the software to work with.

2. Customize URL patterns, Word type patterns and navigation patterns you want the software to work with.

3. Hit the start button and watch your link/domain list grow in a matter of seconds !

File Settings

SEO List Builder In Action !
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3 License Keys
3 License Keys - SEO List Builder - Feed Your SEO Tools With Thousands Of Links In Minut
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the system requirements for the software to work properly ?

SEO List Builder has been tested on Windows 7/8.1/10/2008 Server/2012 Server/Vista - The software works on 64 Bit Systems only and requires Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher to work properly.

How frequently can I change PC/Servers where SEO List Builder is installed ?
There are no limitations to changing the hardware. The only necessity is for the software to be run 1 instance per PC/Server at the same time.

How many threads should I set the software to work with ?
It all depends on the network bandwidth available - in many cases 40-50 threads is enough to scrape millions of urls within few hours. Amount of threads should be fine tuned in relation to available network bandwidth and cpu/ram resources

What are the best settings for the software to work the most efficiently ?
The settings shown on the video above allow to scrape plenty of resources but they should be fine tuned depending on how powerful the PC/Server is and how much bandwidth is available over the network.
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